Sunday, January 02, 2005


I never knew until I looked it up tonight, but apparently the word "resolve" comes from the latin verb resolvere which means "to untie." I don't know why that interests me, but it does. I'm a nerd - I've never argued that fact.

I had forgotten completely that people make New Years resolutions. (Resolution is the noun related to the verb resolve, by the by: just to invite into my stream of consciousness those who may be new at this.) I started thinking that I should make some, too. My spiritual director told me not to make any resolutions without consulting him, but I think he meant the kind one makes in prayer. At any rate, I feel certain that the types I'm going to put down here are sound. I'm not exactly swearing an oath, and I don't even know how committed I am to success, anyway. But maybe reading this will guilt me into perserverance. Who knows?

Henceforth, I firmly resolve:
1) to blog more often
2) to read more Chesterton
3) to read more for entertainment and stimulation outside of just those works assigned by professors (eg. blogs)
4) to enjoy school and not worry so much about grades
5) to hate only one of my classes, rather than the majority
6) to write to people more often, especially people who give me money
7) to spend less of the money that I don't have
8) to drive less and learn not to be a control freak when it comes to carpooling

These are my resolutions for the Year 2005. Here goes nothing...


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