Friday, December 30, 2005

Logical fallacy? I think not...

Over at Mark Shea's blog, he gets slammed in the combox for equating Mike Schiavo with Dr. Death.

But I'm with Mark on this one. After all, it's Mike beloved attorney making news for plans of a "death cruise."

The commenter argues that Jack Kevorkian's support for "classic" euthenasia doesn't relate with Mike Schiavo's support for the lite version. And to some extent, that's true, ideologically. But Mark's comparison between the two was not a straight line, but traingular, via the Democratic Party (insert Star Wars Imperial Theme here). And, as such, the comparison is fair. The three are bedfellows, and just because Slick Willy and his hairbrained wife lie in the middle as a bit of a buffer between Dr. Death and Mike Schiavo, their various agendas all have a common thread of perpetuating the culture of death, denegrading the value of human life, and challenging the dignity of the human person.

From even the slightest metaphysical worldview, it becomes apparent that condoms in school bathrooms have more to do with nursing home abuse and late term abortion than the advocates/defenders of either three would ever acknowledge. And that makes sense, really. Because demonic powers want to remain hidden and unnamed - once called for what they are, their power diminishes and they run the risk of being exorcised.

Cheers to people like Mark who dare to connect the dots of the devil's work. It's treacherous work, placing one in danger of being stampeded by the cavalry of self-styled logicians riding the Democratic donkey. But with another election season coming, it's important to call spades spades, whatever the risk.


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