Thursday, July 13, 2006

Memorable Quote

All this talk of Chesterton might lead some to suspect that he is my only reading project for the summer, but as you'll note on my book list, I'm also making my way through Father Neuhaus's Catholic Matters. In the course of which, I came accross this quote which I wanted to share (although there are many others as striking):
Many years later, I was on a program with a famous evangelist from California who had built a huge "Chrystal Cathedral" designed by a famous architect. He said there had been a debate about whether the cathedral should have a cross. Some people thought the cross an excessively gloomy symbol. "I said that of course there will be a cross," declared the famous evangelist. "The cross is the sign of Christianity and we're a Christian Church." Then he paused and announced with a triumphant smile, "But I can tell you that there's nothing downbeat about the cross at Chrystal Cathedral." An upbeat cross? Back in Pembroke, a Wesleyan church visited by our elementary school class had in large letters above the communion table, "He is not here. He is risen." Yes, I thought, he was not there.
Richard John Neuhaus, Catholic Matters, p. 44


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