Saturday, August 05, 2006

A Date To Remember...

Posting at Midnight of August 5, 2006.

Every year: Dedication of Basilica of St. Mary Major in Rome - Optional Memorial

2000 - Catholic actor Sir Alec Guinness died (but didn't disappear afterwards)

1850 - French master Guy de Maupassant was born. Some years later he'd enter - and get kicked out of - the seminary. Bad egg, but boy could he write!

1912 - L'Abbe Pierre was born, praying already.

1962 - Marilyn Monroe died, having been in and kicked out of many seminaries herself, I'm sure, but not in the same way as the French fellow.

1930 - Neil Armstrong was born - not weightless, to his mother's dismay.

1977 - My older sister, Laina, was born.

1983 - Yours truly came bouncing into the world. Obligatory Memorial

If you need an address to send money, drop me an email.

Just kidding. Prayers, though, for myself, my sister, and an aunt who also shares our birthday would be appreciated. And if you can get any indulgences, I'm sure Sir Alec would appreciate the gesture (although Norma Jean might be more in need).


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Happy Birthday!!!

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