Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The Four Challenges for Humanity

The Pope presented an address to diplomats to the Holy See yesterday in which he outlined the four main challenges facing humanity: life, food, peace and freedom. Here is a fair treatment of the speech, which seems to have been very keensighted, as could be expected. One section of the article that stood out to me:
"There need be no fear that legitimate religious freedom would limit other freedoms or be injurious to the life of civil society," he contended. "On the contrary: together with religious freedom, all other freedoms develop and thrive, inasmuch as freedom is an indivisible good, the prerogative of the human person and his dignity.

"Neither should there be a fear that religious freedom, once granted to the Catholic Church, would intrude upon the realm of political freedom and the competencies proper to the state."

"The Church is able carefully to distinguish, as she must, what belongs to Caesar from what belongs to God," the Holy Father said. "She asks only for freedom, so that she can effectively cooperate with all public and private institutions concerned with the good of mankind."
I think this idea can go a long way, especially in America right now, where even vague mention of the name of God is cause for a law suit, or at the very least a debate.


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