Monday, January 10, 2005

7 Deadly Sins for One Penny!!!

Columbia House is making moves apparently towards the $12 billion porn industry, according to a story I came accross in The Drudge Report this afternoon. For those who may not be familiar with Columbia House, it's a media distribution company that works by way of catalog subscription. Once a member, one recieves a monthly catalog and usually has a yearly purchase requirement to retain membership. Incentives to join get crazier each year, but an exampel would be "# CD's for just one cent!" To read the full story of the recent move into smut distribution, click here.

When I first read of the shady business deal (the club will be called Hush), I was very angry and thought of many things I'd like to scream about on my blog. However, I've cooled down somewhat and simply decided to let the grotesque proposal speak for itself. I hope that anyone who reads this will join me in boycotting the company and writing angry letters to let them know that people don't need an easier, cheaper way to accumulate such filth. Perhaps I'll get more active on the issue later. For now, I'm too tired.


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