Wednesday, January 05, 2005

A Home Away From Home?

CNN reports on the danger facing orphaned tsunami victims due to people who would traffic the survivors into drug cartels and the child porn industry. Criminal gangs in the region have been trying to kidnap refugees, while some have set up scams to adopt in a rampant black market system.

Earlier in the day I was discussing with Jeanetta the recent announcements by UNICEF about the issue of repatriation. For more info on the debate, click here. Now, I know I'll seem like a typical conservative, right-wing nutjob, but I must question how high of a priority the latter concern should be, given the chaotic and much more devastating nature of the former issue? Putting aside conspiracy theorists who think that adoption into Western culture of these displaced youths is nothing more than a ploy to slow the growth of non-Christian religions, I know there are many well-intended people who table relatively sound arguments against taking the children from there homeland; however, I must raise the question out of what I sincerely believe to be prudence. Is the new policy truly in the name of benificence and conservation, or is it the UN's agenda that's crooked? Thoughts, anyone?


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