Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Late In The Evening... a random thought

I'm beginning to capitalize things in a cummingsesque fashion, and that frightens me. I used to take pride in my writing, but this blog thing may strip me of those pretensions. But this is just a tangent. What I really wanted to say follows, and is equally devoid of value and relevancy.

I got my school books in the mail today. Well, four of them, anyway. Sometimes I like to pretend that my seminary is like a soap opera (which is sometimes easier than one would hope). Anyway, I picked up one of my scripture books, and read the back cover and found that a contributing source is our very own Rector. Now, my scripture professor is not the Rector, but another priest. Both are quite competent authorities. Anyway, I just enjoyed fancying in my mind how my professor didn't really choose this book, but was forced to use it by my egotistical Rector. Or how in his supreme humility, the prof chose this book to show what a lowly servant he was, which would end in elevation and promotion. The fact of the matter is probably nothing like any these wonderful hypotheticals. At least, I don't believe my Rector is that egotistical. Anyway... off to read some Bible commentary and documents for entertainment.

Yes, I have no life.


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