Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Kansas Abortion Mill a Veritable Temple to Moloch

An Associated Press article on Saturday reported that the license of a Kansas City, Kansas abortionist, Dr. Krishna Rajanna, was being revoked due to the deplorable conditions found in his "treatment" facility. However, the article only reports minor horrors, such as a dead mouse being found in the hallway and syringes full of medicine being stored in an unlocked refrigerator. This article, on the other hand, from World Net Daily, reports that the Doctor actually kept aborted fetuses in the refrigerator in styrofome cups, and says that one worker in the mill in the mill testified to having seen "Rajanna 'microwave one of the aborted fetuses and stir it into his lunch'."

Now, I'm not going to set up a straw man or something and say that these atrocities could only occur in an abortion mill and not in any type of medical facility. However, when I came accross this story at work, I noticed something odd about my coworkers' reactions. All of them (some of whom are pro-abortion) seemed to indicate in one way or another that they were less surprised to find this type of report of this particular sort of facility. One co-worker in particular, who just the other day was raving like a lunatic at how horrifies he was at reading a story of a necophiliac undertaker, reacted somewhat casually to the reports, with a simple shake of his head. Having spoken at some length of how one would think you could trust an undertaker and how sadistic that man must have been for his actions, he made no such observations in this case. Odd, isn't it...?


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