Thursday, June 30, 2005

Late One Night...

So I would like to announce to everyone that this is my first blog. It's almost 2 a.m. on Wednesday night/Thursday morning, and my mind remains restless. My mind is restless because I exist in a society where abortion is still a choice, but killing a pregnant women is double homicide, where women fight to be ordained because, "the times are different now", and homosexuality is the next civil rights movement. What it all boils down to is moral relevance. Relevance, what is relevance? My buddy Webster tells me the association deals with a relationship to a task or matter at hand. A relationship? A relationship doesn't deal with absolutes, it has no limitations and is not universal. If morality deals with the right and wrong, then what is right and wrong if all is relative? Well, good thing we have a God who loves us so much, because without Him, right and wrong wouldn't be defined, let alone even exist at all.

Let's take it a few steps back. So if everything in existence must first receive existence, and in order for that to happen something outside of this cycle must exist, we have briefly concluded that God IS existence. This explains why He refers to Himself as, "I AM", because "am" is a To Be verb: is, am, are, was, were, be, being, been, has have, had, do, did, does........Etc. All these words are states of existence, states of being in the simplest form. Therefore, now I am briefing this tremendously, since God created everything in existence it is impossible for us to exist without God. So the only way we can perceive the truth and understand true reality, is to include God. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life, so in order for us to understand truth, we must understand Truth. Consequently, those who live a life excluding God live outside of the truth in a world outside of true reality. This frame of mind borders the essence of insanity. It is within this purpose that God throughout time has guided us, brought us His truth, even so much as to come down from Heaven and tell us directly.

With this knowledge we now share responsibility. The line between what is wrong and what is right has been drawn. It is the world's prince, Lucifer, who blurs this line continuously and blankets the consciousness with lies and shadows. Open your eyes! How crafty he must be, if successfully he made murder so passive. How cunning he must be to convince society that abortion isn't murder, no no no no, it's a choice. A choice ladies and gentlemen, when has a choice ever been a bad thing? Don't worry so much, the child won't feel it anyway, besides, it's YOUR body, shouldn't you have rights to your body? Well if it's only your body that is so important, why when a criminal kills a pregnant woman is it not only her body that is on trial? Why does the life of the baby suddenly become important? The answer resides in the ideal that evil is smarter than we, always has been and always will. The enemy is far more insidious then credited. He must only whisper a thought in our minds and laugh as we misguide each other from the Truth, from the narrow road set upon 2,000 years ago. But, I forgot, in today's society hypocrisy is logical and insanity is the norm.

I attended a beautiful mass the other week at a convent with nuns who so kindly opened their doors and hearts to my attendance that I may share in the celebration of our Lord's sacrifice and redemption of mankind. At brunch a nun shook her head to me at Cardinal Ratzinger's new position as our Holy Father. His election crushed her dreams of being ordained and receives her stamp of disapproval. This upset my morning's equilibrium. It shocked me, forcing me to realize my own naiveness. How an individual dedicates herself to a cause, mainly Jesus Christ in the Catholic Church, and who's lifestyle exists because of the holiness of the Church founded by Jesus Christ and the theology to stabilize it, yet on a matter of relevance opposes it astounds me. If Catholic, one believes that not only did Jesus Christ found the Church, but also entrusted the Church to the Apostles through guidance of the Holy Spirit. Jesus gave the Church the Holy Spirit, that He may forever guide the Church through time and triumph over darkness. By faith we are called to believe this, and it has been well represented through our Popes down the line to Peter. How then, someone who spiritually agrees and dedicates not only her spirit but also her life to this cause, contradict these beliefs? She is contradicting herself. I won't even say how it bothered me to consider the idea that any modern day woman would put herself before Mary, Our Blessed Lady, and believe that she would become ordained before Mary. "But the times are different now, for Mary to be ordained 2,000 years would be unacceptable to society." Oh REALLY?!? I didn't know Jesus conformed to society. I was under the impression that Jesus was seemingly one of the greatest radicals of all time, at least when He called Himself the Son of God.

I really shouldn't be mentioning these issues, as they are tired out conversation topics. I guess it leads me to clap my hands. Oh prince of darkness, I may not like you, but I recognize your power. You have achieved much in this world, and you are most certainly wise amongst men. Not a day goes by where I do not encounter a ripple caused by your hand. As the master of illusions, you seduce humanity with your smile and charm us with your words. But, like much else in this world, you are a false product, a hollow commercial for values that don't last and products that don't work. At least you know how to sell...


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