Friday, June 17, 2005

Paving A Road for Research

There's an old saying about where the road leads that is paved with the best intentions. I love Nancy Reagan, and while I don't inflate the legacy of her late husband quite so much as the media does, I will admit that he was a very charismatic man and had a charm. Nevertheless, it is very troublesome to see how Nancy is fanning the fire under the stem cell debate with Ronald's coattails. Their charisma might be a very dangerous tool indeed for those who, with the President, reject embryonic stem cell research as unethical and immoral. I hope that people remember the old maxim well and discern between their personal affections for the old occupants of the White House and the more logical position of it's current residents.


Blogger JMT said...

I'm sure the former president is turning over in his grave.

6/17/05, 10:41 PM  

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