Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Still Here

I have been settling into the Seminary this year in somewhat a fitful manner. Times are quite busy for this early in the year, and the little time that I've given myself to access the internet, I have devoted to following the news, both of the SSPX meeting with the Holy Father and of course, of Hurricane Katrina. I hope to have things fall into a regular schedule soon that would allow some sort of substantial posting. In the meantime, I would simply encourage that everyone join in prayer, and if you want to, to unite them to the community of Saint Charles Seminary as we pray for the hurricane victims and everyone in our nation at this difficult time. New Orleans has been called the City of Saints, for more than just the team name, but for it's awesome history which is now 20 feet under water. Saint Ignatius, pray for us...

Two sites I'd recommend checking out if you're interested in some works of mercy:

Saint Vincent de Paul Society



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