Monday, September 12, 2005

Two Weeks After Katrina Attacks, Answers Sought

Now, I know what you're saying... wasn't "Katrina" a force of nature, void of will or intellect, a simple phenomenon whose rath was unprovoked and unpredictable? Of course, you're right. But stupid people abound, and this is the type of rhetoric that's being thrown around the political circles in the nations capitol in order to set up a straw-man argument for why our President is stupid (which, by the way, is needless since the reasons for his stupidity, are, I think, rather obvious and plain.) I've actually heard on the news people referring to this event "in light of 9/11". It reminded me of the drunks at the local bar who, upon finishing their sixth or seventh beer, will begin to wax conspiracy about the Soviets are trying to control the weather, nevermind that the Soviet Union no longer exists.

Granted, there are ramifications of the 9/11 response that have come into play with this issue, but they are none of the ones to which people are referring. In fact, quite the opposite. People are saying that, with the the restructuring done after the terrorist attacks, we should have been better prepared for this catastrophe. Actually, the contrary is true. Take FEMA, an organization that was managing natural disaster response since before President Bush dreamed of the White House, and throw it under a new beaurocratic system, namely the Dept. of Homeland Security, and then muddle the process of National Guard usage from the simple "Governor is commander-in-chief" idea by involving them in the same beaurocracy, and then set that new system on a rampage of anti-terrorism and terrorist attack response procedure for a couple of years. Suddenly, when an act of God comes out of the blue, everybody realizes that the policies and framework that has been set up doesn't work against the Almighty, and maybe the whole thing needs rethinking. And everyone seems to be either too stupid to realize this problem, or to want to point fingers at why we should have been better prepared even though they never spoke up in the fast and furious post-9/11 slash and burn reorganizations.

So, sorry, beaurocrats, but it's not the other party's fault this time. And it's not the Islamic Jihad of Monsoon, Typhoon, and Hurricane Manipulation either. This was a hurricane. It didn't attack. It didn't strike. It happened. And you know what it is, they say, that "happens." Life's full of it. And so are a lot of politicians. So quit quibbling, and pick up the pieces. Stop worrying about how to stop hurricanes. You won't do it. In fact, in plain truth, you won't stop terrorist attacks either - but that's another matter.

If something breaks, you fix it. Don't try to reinvent the wheel; just inflate the tire. This fixation on preventative mentality really is a symptom of the culture of death. I won't be surprised if we hear some legistlator pushing a new type of condom that can double as a floatation device in the near future. The best thing we can do is pull together and encourage one another through this tragedy. Give examples of heroism and good-naturedness to counter the barbarism and criminality we saw on TV. And leave the questions until the waters have receded.


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