Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I Brake for Mimes

When I first saw the discussion taking place over at Fr. Z.'s about the new document, I had no idea of the scale of this project. Father Z's comments focus on the translation, notable for its somewhat hasty use of the word "tramp," but I'm left wondering about the document itself and how many people's time and effort have gone toward the publication. In the preface, Cardinal Martino outlines it thus:
The first part is devoted to road users (motorists, lorry drivers, etc.) and railway users, and to the people who work in the various related services. Parts two and three concern street women and street children, respectively, and the fourth regards the homeless (tramps).

This Document is dedicated to all the above-mentioned people, but account should also be taken of pavement dwellers and street vendors, as well as the link between the road and tourists, pilgrims, gypsies, circus and fairground workers and street actors.
Sounds like a wordlist for a creative-writing workshop run by some of our more popular hymnal publishers. I'm sure we'll see a supplemental within the coming year.

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