Saturday, June 09, 2007

Pope & Prez; MSM Stupidity

Breitbart has the scoop from an AP writer (whose own reading level, or that of her translator, is about fourth-grade) on the President's meeting with Pope Benedict.

I like especially the part detailing the transfer of gifts:
The pontiff presented the president with a drawing of St. Peter's Basillica, an official Vatican gold medal.

The president gave the pope a rare first edition of an autobiography of John Carroll, the first archbishop in the United States and founder of the Roman Catholic Church in America. Bush also gave the pope lithographs of documents from the National Archives and a Moses walking sticking, made by a former homeless man in Dallas, Texas, who engraved it with the Ten Commandments.
What the hell is a "Moses walking stick?"

And the founder of the Roman Catholic Church, in America or anywhere else, is the Divine Person Jesus Christ, with no prejudice to the good Abp. Carroll. I noted in the pictures of the events that the ever-classy Missus Bush had headcovering on in the Pontifical presence.


Blogger Jeff Miller said...

Well maybe I could guess at a Moses walking stick as the staff of Aaron, but the AP report says "Moses walking sticking."

Maybe Moses got bubblegum on his shoe.

6/9/07, 11:42 PM  
Blogger Joey G. said...

The story fits, I suppose. The homeless guy found the Arc of the Covenant, and since the tablets were too heavy to carry, carved their message onto the rod, which he found the most portable of the contents. No guesses as to what happened to the manna, but if he ate the four-thousand year old stuff, he's probably getting the punishment spared him for having touched the holy vessel in the first place...

6/9/07, 11:54 PM  

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