Thursday, June 30, 2005

"Tickled By Turpitude"

This could have been the title of an Associated Press article today that reported the legalization of homosexual "marriage" by the Spanish Congress of Deputies Be warned, before you click the link, that there is at least one picture that I consider to be offensive. Oh, but I'm just a silly puritan, right? There's no harm in a bunch of socialist apostates celebrating sodomy. Canada recently passed similar legistlation in one of it's bodies that is expecting to become law sometime before the end of the summer.

People will say I'm overreacting. They'll see my lack of euphamisms as bigotry and "hate language." But that's hogwash. I've seen a number of "God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve" propaganda out there, and I realize that the cute way that the right has of speaking about these issues is no longer effective. You would think that referencing Genesis in this way would call people's minds back to the real issue. But we've become too lazy of mind, and the phrase is so commonplace, that we overlook it's implications. Adam and Eve, made in the image and likeness of God, were sent forth to procreate. Their relationship, their union in the flesh, the procreative end of this union: these reflect the very nature of the Godhead. Furthermore, Paul's letters contain rife metaphors for the Church and the mystical relationship of the Body of Christ founded upon this theology of Genesis. Through the Incarnation, Marriage became sanctified as a Sacrament of the New Testament. And given the Catholic theology of things like "common law" marriage and the like, we can surmise that sacrelige and grave mortal sin against this sacrament can occur even without the witness of a Church wedding. All unions and bonds between man and woman are sacred in their nature, and they are types of the sacrament of Marriage fully dispensed by the Church. Given all of this, I am downright exhasperated when I seem to be the only person who gets pissed off by a picture "simply of two men kissing." Nevermind the likeness it bears, so cleverly captured on film, to so many stereotypical photo-ops of newlyweds and honeymooners collected over the years.

It's time that humanity wakes up. Societal degredation and collapse follow patterns. Social psychology, not to mention a mystical understanding of the role of demons in human activity, can easily show that the type of decay which this new trend represents will spread. I'm not a conspiracy theorist or the next Joseph McCarthy. I just have common sense. Nations are changing the definition of the basic unit of society, the family. They're challenging a concept that goes back to before the foudnations of the world, before time, founded in the eternal relationship among the persons of the Trinity. Society is playing God, casting over Man a deep sleep of ignorance, extending its already besotted and soiled hand through the missing rib in Adam's chest, and ripping out from his very heart one of the definitive elements that makes him human. They'll replace the missing piece with some postmodern atheistic philosophical garbage, just like in the past; as they've exchanged tolerance for acceptance, justice for political correctness, plurality for pretense, dignity for ignominy. They'll bandage up the man-made-God-made-man when they've finished and let him hobble away, breathing laborously under the strain of his broken and battered figure. Then, society will sit back and enjoy their creation for the time being, contemplating how else they might "fix" man up when next they catch him sleeping. I've slumbered, too, and awoken deformed and damaged by the unhealing hands of false prophets. Wake up, world... and, if you are left with ears to hear, my advice merely echoes another ancient source of whom society has at least left traces in man's memory: Stay awake!


Blogger JMT said...

Feminists. Feminists pushed for contraception, which divorced sex from procreation, and suddenly marriage isn't about having and raising children and being a family, but about medical benefits and insurance policies. It's why I refuse to call a married couple a family until the wife is pregnant (or adopting, yes yes, it's tragic when a man and woman can't have a baby on their own... I'm not gonna go into the gay adoption thing... we're both against it for the same reasons). Damned feminists.

7/1/05, 12:22 AM  
Blogger Sean said...

Joey I am surprised you didn't reference to Thomas Aquinas, who has much to say on the topic. Gay marriage to me is the epitome of selfish behavor. It is to take the purpose of marriage (procreation) and to basically tell God to stuff it, and to establish a hollow form of union solely for the purpose of self pleasure. As Aquinas discusses, marriage is the complete giving of oneself to another, but in homosexual marriage it is not. It is to say, "I am giving all I have to you except my means of reproduction". Therefore, since reproduction is one of the greatest gifts given in marriage, it giving life to the unliving, to remove that is to exchange the purpose from giving to receiving. That is NOT what Christ spent all that time and suffering down here to establish.

7/1/05, 10:13 AM  
Anonymous Mykelb said...

Marriage is a civil contract. Period. Get over your self delusions, dump that POS you call a buybull and get a subscription to JAMA, Psychology Today, and Science News.

7/28/11, 1:38 PM  

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