Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Et cetera


I picked up Arroyo's book this weekend in the local Borders, consumed by a moment of weakness. The book is actually quite good. I haven't read any in the past two days, but by Sunday evening I had already torn through the first half. Arroyo isn't exactly the biographer par excellance - he commits writing foibles that can be quite annoying and interrupt the flow of the narrative. The editing of the book is a little slipshod too. Some non-sentences and incomplete thoughts seem to have been simply missed. But, what he lacks in skill as a biographer (not as a writer, overall, mind you - his command of the language is otherwise inspiring) he makes up for with sincerity. And besides, the story itself is fascinating enough to keep one turning the page.

In other news, our Diocesan Pilgrimage is coming up on Wednesday. Please pray for its success. I'm looking forward to it, and hope to post as soon as I can in more detail about the affair and other miscellany with which I have been occupied here at the seminary. Sorry about my recent low output. Mea culpa.


Blogger JMT said...

Arroyo is so cute- not in a "hot d*mn" way, but in a "look at him bouncing off the walls because he's interviewing famous big time movie star Mel Gibson, he's like a kid in a candy store" way. I loved his then Cdl. Ratzinger interview, too. He was recently interviewed on EWTN about the experience of writing this book, so cute, he was like a kid giving a book report. I love the guy, he's so full of exuberance.

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