Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Where Have I Heard This Before...?

With obeisance to Fr. Z., I must direct your attention to what the infamous Sister Joan Chittister has to say about Summorum Pontificum.

Now, I know I've heard all of this somewhere before...

Ah, yes, that was it.

Or maybe it was the old people at the local diner complaining that they missed the early bird special (while the poor young girl behind the podium tries to explain that this diner never had such a special, but they must be thinking of another establishment).

And then there's this guy as well. What drama! I don't know whether the performance in the video above or the one in this article is more over-done. I have to agree with Mark Shea that "[t]here's a jittery totalitarianism behind such sentiments."

But I guess these are growing pains. And the new document from the CDF today is getting as much a lashing in the media as the former one. The popular press wants to make it out that the Vatican has dealt a one-two punch to all that the Council accomplished for ecumenism. But I think that we're seeing some movement in exactly the true Spirit behind the documents of the Second Vatican Council. And I think I'll say more about that tomorrow. For now, I'm still trying to digest: it's been a busy couple of weeks for the Holy See and St. Blog's.

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