Saturday, October 08, 2005

Weekend Home

I'm home for a weekend, and thought I could use the time for some contributions to the blogosphere. I found a funny little piece over at Jeff Miller's blog about PETA's excitement over the Pope's comments about factory farming. I think it would upset PETA and Paul McCartney to know that the reason the Church speaks about animal cruelty in any case is because of its concern with human dignity, i.e. when a human abuses an animal he acts in a way unbecoming the dignity of his own human nature. Lest the wacky left take this one and run with it, I'm proposing a bumper sticker idea using some good old fashioned Catholic language: Meat Is Meet. If I get ambitious, I might actually photoshop something later.

In other news, I thank Jeff again for a link to this review of the upcoming Narnia film. The fact that I've been suffering weakened bladder control since the film's inception seems utterly justified by Barbara's review. December 9th can't come soon enough... except for the whole final exams thing, which'll be quite the bummer.


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