Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Vatican Official Weighs In...

As reported by Zenit:

"I must confirm the moral judgment which does not change: It is an illicit and grave act," Bishop Sgreccia told Vatican Radio.

Bishop Sgreccia [President of the Pontifical Academy for Life] explained that the decision of the U.S. justice "is not euthanasia in the literal sense of the term; it is not a 'good death,' it is a death that is induced in a cruel way. It is not a medical act. It is about taking water and food away to cause death."

The bishop criticized "a mechanism of exaggeration that seeks to favor the legitimization of so-called euthanasia, in cases such as this one in which interests of another kind are often at stake."
The legal action must not stop with Schiavo's death, which is impending. We have to seek a way to prosecture the perpetrators of this homicide.


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