Sunday, December 18, 2005

Recalled to Life


I know I’ve been away for a little while, but I feel that this return to the blogosphere will be a particularly triumphant one, because I have a new zany scheme to unveil: I’m starting a BOOK CLUB!!!

A few other seminarians and I – and anyone else who would like to join in – will be using Veritatis Visio as a locus for discussion while we read together, over Christmas break, Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities. We will be reading the Signet Classic edition of the book, which has been marked in publication, into sections indicating Dickens’ original serial segmentation. The major of these divisions split the book into eight nearly equal sections, so I have schedule eight minor deadlines as indicated below for the completion of the entire novel by mid-January. I will be posting on the due date for each of the sections with my own observations and notes from my reading journal, and hopefully others will log on and comment and facilitate some good discussion on the work. I really would like as many people to participate as are able, so that we can get many various perspectives on the piece. The deadlines and sections are as given below. Pagination is according to the Signet edition; however, I have also noted the chapters to which the page numbers refer, so that any edition may be used.

I – Book the First - all chapters - pp. 13 – 57.
II – Book the Second - chap. 1 – 6 - pp. 61 – 109.
III – Book the Second - chap. 7 – 13 - pp. 109 – 156.
IV – Book the Second - chap. 14 – 18 - pp. 156 – 198.
V – Book the Second - chap. 19 – 24 - pp. 198 – 242.
VI – Book the Third - chap. 1 – 7 - pp. 245 – 289.
VII – Book the Third - chap. 8 – 12 - pp. 289 – 339.
VIII – Book the Third - chap. 13 – END - pp. 339 – 367.

Due Dates for Each Section:
I – December 24
II – December 28
III – December 31
IV – January 3
V – January 6
VI – January 9
VII – January 12
VIII – January 14

Happy reading to everyone!



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