Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Catholic Literature News

Hat tip to Michelle Arnold for this one.

THE RONALD KNOX SOCIETY of NORTH AMERICA has hit the information superhighway with tires spinning. More reason to spend money on books - just what I need. But I'm grateful for organizations like this and Dale Alquist's for saving Catholic culture (really Western Civilization) from the likes of Dan Brown.

Speaking of which, my seminary recently was treated to lecture to NEA Chairman Dana Gioia which was very interesting indeed. The man is a great speaker, and an excellent poetry reader. His own poetry isn't too shabby, either.
By the way: Although it's a slim chance, if Dale Alquist happens to come accross this humble corner of the web and feels like giving a speech at Saint Charles, I know it would be well received, judging by the community's reaction to this presentation, and I'd be very happy to serve as a P.O.C.
If anyone has any suggestions of what type of club or organization I could start here at the seminary to celebrate good books by good people, please let me know. For example, if anyone knows what is entailed in founding a local chapter of one of the aforementioned groups, drop me a line. (joegrabowski[AT]comcast.net)


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